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Other Things To Do in Bonita Springs

Often on a beach trip, when it actually comes to playing on the beach, we have to leave our four-legged family member behind. Not the case at Bonita Beach Dog Park where no leashes and no fences are no problem. Make memories for the whole family watching your best friend take a dip in salt water for the first time. Throw a Frisbee and delight in seeing Fido sprint across the sand to catch it midair. And while you play in the surf and sand with your spouse and kids, your buddy can do the same with his new-found leash-less friends!

If you’re feeling a bit water-logged, but still can’t get enough of the wet stuff, how about enjoying it from a somewhat dry vantage point-of-view by kayaking, paddle-boarding, jet skiing or parasailing? You’ll find plenty of options for renting equipment for each, if you haven’t brought along your own. And while you’re out there, you might just get up close and personal with playful dolphins, docile manatees, wild birds, and other beautiful flora and fauna.

You also could enjoy the beautiful Gulf and Estero Bay from yet another vantage point – underwater. Don your scuba or snorkeling gear and observe colorful fish; chase darting blue crabs; or marvel at lumbering horseshoe crabs, also known as “living fossils” since similar species have been around a staggering 400 million years. What better way to sneak a little lesson in for the kids, than by introducing them to a living species whose origin dates to prehistoric times?

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