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Flamingo Hideaway, 3 bedrooms, Private Pool, Near Beach, On Canal, Sleeps 6

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Rental Information

Millions of men and women of virtually all age groups find themselves dreaming about a place they would rather be. Their eyes glaze over as they drift off into a dream-like state where everything is just perfect. Sadly, those glorious thoughts of happiness, peace, and beauty come to an end as they return to reality. Those thoughts continue to linger in the mind until there is finally enough time to escape the regular schedule and take a vacation. The question becomes “where can that paradise be found?” A real paradise that is irresistible for friends, family, and even pets is Flamingo Hideaway. This rentable masterpiece is conveniently located inside one of the U.S’s most exclusive regions that ranks as one of the most popular places to live (Fort Myers Beach).

Finding the needle in the haystack:

People have this mindset that there are all these different types of vacations that have to exclude certain people. For example, words such as “time with nature,” “rest/relaxation,” “family,” and “sightseeing” will all be used to describe different vacations with various groups of people. Finding a location that includes everyone and allows all kinds of men and women to have fun is like finding a needle in a haystack. The brief list below demonstrates a few of the reasons why Flamingo Hideaway is being characterized as the real needle in a haystack and more importantly why men and women of all ages are flocking to the location so quickly:

*Walking distance to the beach

*Comfortably Sleeps, six people

*Conveniently located next to a dark park, tiki bar, and several top-of-the-line restaurants.

*Includes a secluded in-ground pool

*Accepts pets

*Includes modern touches from top to bottom (2015-12016)

Looking good on the inside & the outside:

After the decision is made men and women of all ages begin packing their bags and preparing for their trip to the paradise they have continually envisioned while going through the mind-numbing motions of work, school, and the same basic routine. The first few signs are subtle, but they are likely to be noticed by one of the many people taking this adventure. The cars pull into the driveway, and the humongous driveway gladly accepts all the vehicles and allows for ample room. As everyone springs out of the car, they are greeted by the marvelous landscaping and a big beautiful privacy fence, which goes around the huge backyard. Upon opening the front door boys, girls, men, and women all begin exploring, finding a bedroom, and settling in. After a long and tedious day, all members of the household flop into their king-sized mattresses and drift off to sleep.

The early bird catches the worm in Flamingo Hideaway:

Those early birds begin to rise after a good night's rest on one of the comfy beds. Making the way into the kitchen, the coffee pot along with every possible state-of-the-art appliance are present and ready to be tested. At the same time, the sun begins making an appearance just a few minutes away as it colors the sky with fabulous colors and casts a beam of light on the ocean. After either a cup of coffee or an entirely home cooked meal the exploration of Flamingo Hideaway begins. Should the swimsuit be unpacked or should the dog be taken to the dog park?

The magic of Flamingo Hideaway - Peace, tranquility & freedom for all

The early riser has already started basking in the glory of Flamingo Hideaway. However, the late sleepers are just now the journey. The sun shines brightly on the pool in the backyard, while the sounds of those feeling absolute exhilaration are being echoed throughout Flamingo Hideaway. The waves are roaring and demanding some attention, but the sun is feeling so good and may inspire a casual lounge on the sandy beach. On the other hand, the nice cool feeling of an air-conditioned shop or restaurant might just be too irresistible.

As the shopping, sightseeing, dog walking, and overall enjoyment of the sun are enjoyed the beautiful sunsets. Those that have been basking in the hot, but pleasant environment will likely retreat to Flamingo Hideaway and take advantage of one of the magnificent bathrooms, while shoppers might decide to cook an excellent dinner to be enjoyed at the large dining room. After taking care of the essentials (food, water, and a bath/shower), the night time choices begin. Should the tiki be taken advantage of or should everyone gather on the incredibly long couches and watch a movie? Once again there are no restrictions and no disagreements in the Flamingo Hideaway residence. Some might go to the tiki bar, and some may watch a movie.

Long lasting memories created in paradise:

Some may stay out all hours of the night, while others may choose to flop into their comfy beds relatively early. All members got the pleasure and comfort that they wanted while also being together as friends, family, or even colleagues. The memories of that one day in Flamingo Hideaway are bound to be remembered for quite a long time. The best part is getting to wake up the next day and having the freedom to explore even further. Please note, there is a 1 week minimum stay.


3 bedrooms
Sleeps 6


2 bathrooms

Rental Amenities

  • Barbecue Grills
  • Bay or Sound Front
  • Gulf front
  • High Speed Internet
  • Pool
  • WiFi

* The information provided, though deemed accurate, is not guaranteed. It is subject to errors, omissions, change of price, or withdrawal without notice and may not include taxes and other fees. Based on availability. Some rates may be lowest prices available. Holiday rates may be higher.


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Rental Rates

3/17/2018 - 3/23/2018$431.28$3,018.95
3/24/2018 - 3/30/2018$525.00$3,200.00
3/31/2018 - 4/6/2018$431.28$3,018.95
4/7/2018 - 4/13/2018$317.14$2,220.00
4/14/2018 - 4/20/2018$285.00$1,995.00
4/21/2018 - 4/27/2018$213.57$1,495.00
4/28/2018 - 5/4/2018$199.29$1,395.00
5/5/2018 - 5/11/2018$199.29$1,395.00
5/12/2018 - 5/18/2018$199.29$1,395.00
5/19/2018 - 5/25/2018$199.29$1,395.00
5/26/2018 - 6/1/2018$199.29$1,395.00
6/2/2018 - 6/8/2018$199.29$1,395.00
6/9/2018 - 6/15/2018$199.29$1,395.00
6/16/2018 - 6/22/2018$213.57$1,495.00
6/23/2018 - 6/29/2018$224.25$1,569.75
6/30/2018 - 7/6/2018$246.67$1,726.73
7/7/2018 - 7/13/2018$224.25$1,569.75
7/14/2018 - 7/20/2018$224.25$1,569.75
7/21/2018 - 7/27/2018$224.25$1,569.75
7/28/2018 - 8/3/2018$199.29$1,395.00
8/4/2018 - 8/10/2018$199.29$1,395.00
8/11/2018 - 8/17/2018$185.00$1,295.00
8/18/2018 - 8/24/2018$185.00$1,295.00
8/25/2018 - 8/31/2018$185.00$1,295.00
9/1/2018 - 9/7/2018$185.00$1,295.00
9/8/2018 - 9/14/2018$185.00$1,295.00
9/15/2018 - 9/21/2018$185.00$1,295.00
9/22/2018 - 9/28/2018$185.00$1,295.00
9/29/2018 - 10/5/2018$185.00$1,295.00
10/6/2018 - 10/12/2018$185.00$1,295.00
10/13/2018 - 10/19/2018$185.00$1,295.00
10/20/2018 - 10/26/2018$185.00$1,295.00
10/27/2018 - 11/2/2018$185.00$1,295.00
11/3/2018 - 11/9/2018$185.00$1,295.00
11/10/2018 - 11/16/2018$199.29$1,395.00
11/17/2018 - 11/23/2018$234.93$1,644.50
11/24/2018 - 11/30/2018$199.29$1,395.00
12/1/2018 - 12/7/2018$199.29$1,395.00
12/8/2018 - 12/14/2018$199.29$1,395.00
12/15/2018 - 12/21/2018$213.57$1,495.00
12/22/2018 - 12/28/2018$356.43$2,495.00
12/29/2018 - 1/4/2019$427.72$2,994.00
9/14/2019 - 9/20/2019$100.00
9/21/2019 - 9/27/2019$100.00

* The information provided, though deemed accurate, is not guaranteed. It is subject to errors, omissions, change of price, or withdrawal without notice and may not include taxes and other fees. Based on availability. Some rates may be lowest prices available. Holiday rates may be higher.


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$100.00 - $525.00 per Night


$1295.00 - $3200.00 per Week

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